About me

Welcome to my blog – I’m Abi and I am hoping to create a different kind of lifestyle blog for young people who want to budget and save money.  You can expect random short and sweet blog posts, information & updates. No fancy equipment, photography, (except for what I take myself, of course!) and I will be writing about what I want to write about.

About me…

I work at a well known University in Manchester, where there are constant meetings/socials that involve food, snacks and coffee.  Going out for ‘a coffee’ or having a meeting over ‘coffee’ is a big part of our culture. Whilst I am all set for bonding with my colleagues, it does come at a price. I’m trying to cut down, but when I do go, I use my ‘keep me mug’ as you get a 10% discount on campus 🙂


Food… I love to eat, cook and bake. In the past I was spending so much money on eating out and groceries, I didn’t know what to do with it all. I’m trying to reign in my spending habits and am becoming more frugal in regard to this area of my life. Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean I can’t have expensive tastes. If you’re from Manchester you may have heard of a wonderful store called the 8th day. It’s a vegetarian’s dream, but I would often go in there and flutter my money away on ‘bits and bob’s without really thinking. I’m trying to change these habits and to become more aware of what I am spending, eating and wasting.

Films & theatre… I’m also a bit of a cinema/theater buff. I have the Cineworld unlimited pass so my friend and I go regularly. I may try and do some cinema reviews, considering I go so often! It’s definitely worth it if you go more than twice a month. You also get discounts at the restaurants and Starbucks on the site. I also try and go to the theater when I can. I’m massively into musicals, but also love classic and modern plays.

Minimalism… I am also an inspiring minimalist – I prefer to now be spending any money I have on experiences (or food!) rather than ‘stuff’. Whether it’s taking part in charity challenges, meeting with friends, going to the cinema, theater or reading something new, I would rather have the memories.

Thank you in advance for reading 🙂